TCBG Seminars

Mon, Jan 30, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Nathan Baker
Washington University
St. Louis, MO
Multiscale Methods for Biomolecular Systems: Solvation Models and Membrane Electromechanical Coupling
3269 Beckman Institute

Fri, Feb 3, 2006
11:00 am (CT)
Fadel Samatey
Osaka University
Osaka, Japan
The Bacterial Flagellum: Structure and Mechanism
3269 Beckman Institute

Mon, Feb 27, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Joachim Frank
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Albany, New York
The Dynamics of Translation as seen by Cryo-electron Microscopy
3269 Beckman Institute

Thu, Mar 2, 2006
2:00 pm (CT)
Petros Koumoutsakos
ETH Zurich
Multiscale Simulations Using Particles
5269 Beckman Institute

Mon, Mar 6, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Carola Hunte
Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics
Frankfurt, Germany
Structure and Mechanism of the Cytochrome bc1 Complex
1215A Beckman Institute

Mon, Mar 13, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Kevin Y. Sanbonmatsu
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM
Simulating the Conformational Changes of the Ribosome Observed in Cryo-EM Data
3269 Beckman Institute

Mon, Apr 10, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Mr. Peter Freddolino / Mr. Anton Arkhipov
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois
All-atom Molecular Dynamics Study of a Complete Virus
3269 Beckman Institute

Mon, Apr 17, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Dr. Mu Gao
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois
How Anthrax Toxins Enter a Host Cell: A Molecular Dynamics Study
3269 Beckman Institute

Mon, Apr 24, 2006
3:00 pm (CT)
Joel R. Stiles
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Carnegie Mellon University
Novel Microphysiological Design Principles Predicted from Spatially Realistic Monte Carlo Simulations
3269 Beckman Institute

Wed, Jun 7, 2006
2:00 pm (CT)
Mr. Grischa Meyer
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Molecular Dynamics Study of MscL Interactions with a Curved Lipid Bilayer
3269 Beckman Institute

Wed, Jun 28, 2006
2:00 pm (CT)
Professor Willy Wriggers
School of Health Information Sciences & Institute of Molecular Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Pleiomorphism of Supramolecular Assemblies
3269 Beckman Institute

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