Lectures and Talks

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Below are lectures, talks, and other presentations given by TCB faculty and other group members in meetings and conferences locally and around the world.

Lectures & Talks 2004

Klaus Schulten     Laxmikant Kale     Emad Tajkhorshid     Other TCB Members

Klaus Schulten

  • February 2004, Urbana, IL, 2004 Physics Faculty Recruitment Talks
    Lecture: "Biophysics Theory"
  • March 2004, Bonn, Germany, Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, NIC Winter School 2004
    Lecture: "Protein Mechanics"
  • March 2004, Lake Tahoe, CA, International Workshop Structural Analysis of Supramolecular Assemblies by Hybrid Methods
    Lecture: "Multiscale Simulations of Supramolecular Dynamics Demonstrated for Lac Repressor and ATPase"
  • April, 2004, Washington, DC, NSF/EPSRC US/UK Workshop
    Lecture: "HPC and Grid Computing for Biomolecular Modeling of Membrane Processes" (with Diane Lynch)
  • April 2004, Chicago, IL, Witnessing in front of the Energy Department, BESAC Subcommittee Meeting
    Lecture: "Software Development in Computational Biology"
  • May 2004, Tempe, AZ, NSF Workshop on the Role of Theory in Biological Physics and Materials
    Lecture: "Plenary Lecture"
  • May 2004, Santa Fe, NM, 24th Annual Conference of the Center for Nonlinear Studies
    Lecture: "Mechanical Functions of Proteins"
  • May 2004, Urbana, IL, WUN Bioinformatics on line Video Seminar Series
    Lecture: "Physical Bioinformatics – A Case Study"
  • June 2004, Perth, Australia, 2004 Summer School in Computational Biophysics
    Lecture: "Introduction to Molecular Dynamics in Biological Systems"
    Lecture: "Computational and Theoretical Biophysics"
  • June 2004, Washington, DC, P41 Investigator Meeting
    Lecture: "Towards Understanding Membrane Channels"
  • July 2004, San Diego, CA, JASONs Meeting
    Lecture: "Computational Biophysics"
  • August 2004, UIUC , Urbana, IL, Biophysics & Computational Biology Non-MCB Faculty Talks
    Lecture: "Theoretical Biophysics"
  • August 2004, Philadelphia, PA, 228th ACS National Meeting and Exposition
    Lecture: "Single Molecule Electrical Recordings Through Artificial Nanopores, an Experimental - Computational Study"
  • August 2004, Irvine, CA, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, Future Initiatives Conference
    Lecture: "Biological and Synthetic Nanopores for Single Molecule Sorting and Recording"
  • September 2004, UIUC, Urbana, IL, Applied Math Seminar
    Lecture: "Conceptual and Mathematical Challenges in Computational Biology"
  • September 2004, Golden, CO, 2004 NREL Computational Biology Workshop
    Keynote address: "Towards Understanding Membrane Channels"
  • October 2004, UIUC, Urbana, IL, Physics Faculty Retreat
    Lecture: "Theoretical and Computational Biophysics"
  • October 2004, UIC, Chicago, IL, Symposium on Computational Science of Biomolecules; Applications in Medicine and Therapeutics
    Keynote address: "Physical Bioinformatics: A Case Study"
  • October 2004, UIUC, Urbana, IL, Molecular and Electronic Nanostructures Program Review
    Lecture: "Theoretical and Computational Biophysics"
  • October 2004, New York, NY, D. E. Shaw Research and Development Seminar Series
    Lecture: "Biomolecular Modeling Today"
  • November 2004, UIUC, Urbana, IL, Physics Advisory Board Meeting
    Lecture: "Theoretical and Computational Biophysics"
  • November 2004, Irvine, CA, Physics Department Colloquium at UC-Irvine
    Lecture: "The Physics of Biological Channels"
  • November 2004, Urbana, IL, 'Hands-on' Workshop in Computational Biology
    Lecture: "Introduction to Protein Structure and Dynamics"
    Lecture: "Statistical Mechanics of Proteins"
  • December 2004, Houston, TX, University of Texas Science Center, The John P. McGovern Lectureship in Biomedical Computing and Imaging
    Lecture: "Computational Bio- and Nanoscience"
  • December 2004, Boston, MA, 'Hands-on' Workshop in Computational Biology
    Lecture: "Introduction to Protein Structure and Dynamics"
    Lecture: "Introduction to Bioninformatics"
    Lecture: "Statistical Mechanics of Proteins"

Laxmikant Kale

  • April 2004, Santa Fe, NM, CAC Workshop at IPDPS ’04
    Lecture: "Opportunities and Challenges of Modern Communication Architectures: Case Study with QsNet"
    Lecture: "BigSim: A Parallel Simulator for Performance Prediction of Extremely Large Parallel Machines"
    Lecture: "Performance Modeling and Programming Environments for Petaflops Computers and the Blue Gene Machine"
  • May 2004, Siebel Center, UIUC, Urbana, IL,  Interactive Molecular Dynamics in Parallel Supercomputers

Emad Tajkhorshid

  • February 2004, Baltimore, MD, 48th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society
    Lecture: "Electrostatics Regulation of Substrate Permeation and Selectivity of Aquaporins"
    Lecture: "Structural Basis of Substrate Permeation and Selectivity in Membrane Channels: Lessons from Non-Equilibrium Simulations"
  • June 2004, Chicago, IL, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
    Lecture: "Selective Transport of Substrates across Biological Membranes: Lessons from Computational Studies of Membrane Channels"
  • September 2004, Heidelberg, Germany, International Symposium on Retinal Proteins: Experimental and Theory
    Lecture: "Mechanism of Storage of Light Energy in Rhodopsins"
  • September 2004, Freiburg, Germany, Annual Meeting of the German Biophysical Society
    Lecture: "Novel Mechanisms of Substrate Selectivity in Membrane Channels"
  • November 2004, Urbana, IL, 'Hands-on' Workshop in Computational Biology
    Lecture: "Simulating Membrane Channels"
  • December 2004, Boston, MA, 'Hands-on' Workshop in Computational Biology
    Lecture: "Parameters for Classical Force Fields"
    Lecture: "Simulating Membrane Channels"

Other TCB members (includes meetings attended and poster sessions)

  • February 2004, Baltimore, MD, Biophysical Society 48th Annual Meeting (Fangqiang Zhu, Jordi Cohen, Marcos Sotomayor, Barry Isralewitz, Markus Dittrich, Timothy Isgro, Aleksei Aksimentiev, Elizabeth Villa, Rosemary Braun, Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi)
    Poster: "QM/MM study of ATP hydrolysis in F 1ATPase" (Markus Dittrich)
    Poster: "Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Rotation in the Fo sector of ATP Synthase" (Aleksij Aksimentiev)
    Poster: "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Nanopore Device for DNA Sequencing" (Aleksij Aksimentiev)
    Poster: "Conformation change during simulated rotation of F 1ATPase central stalk" (Barry Isralewitz)
    Poster: "Molecular Dynamics Studies of SDS Aggregation about GlycophorinA Transmembrane Helix Dimer" (Rosemary Braun)
    Poster: "Lipid Bilayer Pressure Profiles and Mechanosensitive Channel Gating" (Justin Gullingsrud)
    Poster: "Molecular Dynamics of Gating in the Mechanosensitive Channel of Small Conductance MscS" (Marcos Sotomayor)
    Poster: "Mechanical Properties of Ubiquitin Chains" (Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi)
    Poster: "Theory of water permeation in single-file water channels" (Fangqiang Zhu)
    Poster: "Lac repressor-DNA loop dynamics" (Elizabeth Villa)
    Poster: "Molecular dynamics simulations of isolated β–subunits of F 1ATPase" (Ulrich Kleinekathofer)
  • March 2004, Montreal, Canada, Annual American Physics Society Meeting  (Deyu Lu)
  • March 2005, Vancouver, British Columbia, University of British Columbia
    Lecture: "Nano-devices in Action: Torque-generating Molecular Pump and DNA Sequence Sensor" (Alek Aksimentiev)

  • April 2004, Santa Fe, NM, IPDPS Conference (Sameer Kumar, Gengbin Zheng)
  • May 2004, Santa Fe, NM, Statistical Physics of Macromolecules (Jin Yu) 
  • May 2004, Siebel Center, UIUC, Urbana, IL, Interactive Molecular Dynamics in Parallel Supercomputers (Jordi Cohen, Jay Desouza, Gengbin Zheng)
  • May 2004, Argonne, IL, APS Users Meeting
    Poster: "Solution X-Ray Scattering from Nanoscale Phospholipid Bilayer - Protein Systems" (Amy Shih)
  • June 2004, Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Cellular Bioenergetics (Markus Dittrich)
    Lecture: "Insights into the molecular mechanism of ATP synthase"
  • June 2004, Frauenchimsee, Germany, 11th International Conference on Retinal Proteins
    Lecture: "Molecular dynamics simulation of bacteriorhodopsin's photoisomerization using ab initio forces for the excited state chromophore" (Shigehiko Hayashi)
  • July 2004, West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University, Linking Bio and Nano
    Lecture: "Sizing DNA with Artificial Nanopores" (Alek Aksimentiev)

  • August 2004, Philadelphia, PA, American Chemical Society Meeting - Biophysical Chemistry and Novel Imaging of single Molecules and Single Cells
    Lecture: "Single Molecule Electrical Recordings with Artificial Nanopores" (Aleksei Aksimentiev)
  • September 2004, Liege, Belgium, Focused Workshop on Electronic Recognition of DNA Molecules
    Lecture: "Microscopic Kinetics of DNA Translocation through Nanopores" (Alek Aksimentiev)

  • October 2004, Arlington, VA, NSF Cyberenabled Chemistry Workshop
    Lecture: "BioCoRE" (Kirby Vandivort)
  • November 2004, Pittsburgh, PA, IEE/ACM SC2004 Conference
    Lecture: "Exploring Biomolecular Machines with Supercomputers" (James Phillips)
  • December 2004, Nance, France, INRIA/CNRS ARC Docking Project
    Lecture: "VMD Biomolecular Visualization and Analysis" (John Stone)


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