Lectures and Talks

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Below are lectures, talks, and other presentations given by TCB faculty and other group members in meetings and conferences locally and around the world.

Lectures & Talks 2003

Klaus Schulten     Laxmikant Kale     Robert Skeel     Emad Tajkhorshid     Other TCB Members

Klaus Schulten

  • April 4, 2003, West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University, Computing Research Institute Seminar
    Lecture: "Large Scale Simulation of Membrane Protein Function"

  • April 15-21, 2003, Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
    Lecture: "Quantum Biology"

  • April 26-30, 2003, Berlin, Germany, DFG Research Center
    Lecture: "Computational Modeling of the Mechanics of Living Cells"

  • May 21-23, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, From Structure to Function: Frontiers of Biological Ion Channels Workshop
    Lecture: "Computational Study of Substrate Selectivity in Membrane Channels"

  • June 15-20, 2003, Plymouth, NH, Gordon Conference on Membrane Proteins

  • June 22-27, 2003, Bristol, RI, Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis
    Lecture: "PS1 Light Harvesting Dynamics & Spectral"

  • July 14-17, 2003, Lake Tahoe, CA, XIXth Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Collisions
    Lecture: "Elementary Processes in Vision"

  • July 23-26, 2003, Bonn, Germany, XI International Congress of Quantum Chemistry
    Lecture: "Large Scale Simulation of Protein Mechanics and Function"

  • August 3-10, 2003, Villard de Lans, France, Jam Session on Biophysics
    Lecture: "Large Scale Simulation of Protein Mechanics and Function"

  • August 10-23, 2003, Lugano, Switzerland, Summer School of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
    Lecture: 1, 2, 3, 4: "Multiscale Modeling of ATPase Synthase"
    Lecture 5: "Multiscale Modeling of a Ternary DNA-Protein Complex"

  • August 25, 2003, Urbana, IL Biophysics Faculty presentation
    Lecture: "Study of a Membrane Channel by Crystallography and Modeling -- A project in the UIUC Theoretical Biophysics Group"

  • September 11, 2003, New York, NY, 226th ACS National Meeting
    Lecture: "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Bacteriorhodopsin's Photoisomerization Using ab initio Forces for the Excited Chromophore"

  • September 26, 2003, Urbana, IL, Physics Department presentation to 498B class
    Lecture: "Presentation on Theoretical Biophysics"

  • September 29, 2003, New York, NY, Columbia University, Biological Sciences Seminar Series
    Lecture: "Mechanical Functions of Proteins"

  • October 2, 2003, Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan Department of Chemistry Seminar
    Lecture: "Mechanical Functions of Proteins"

  • October 13-15, 2003, Basel, Switzerland, Nanoforum CH-US
    Lecture: "Towards Understanding Membrane Channels"

  • October 26-29, Ascona, Switzerland, International Workshop on Elucidating Biomolecular Networks by Single Molecular Technologies
    Lecture: "Theoretical Biophysics of Membrane Channels"

  • October 30-31, 2003, Frankfurt, Germany, International Symposium on the Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins
    Lecture: "Biophysics of Membrane Processes"

  • November 6, 2003, Urbana, IL, UIUC Chemical Biology Seminar
    Lecture: "Mechanical Functions of Proteins"

  • December 4, 2003, Pasadena, CA California Institute of Technology Biophysics Seminar
    Lecture: "Towards Understanding Membrane Channels"

  • December 11, 2003, Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania Department of Chemistry Seminar
    Lecture: "Mechanical Functions of Proteins"

Laxmikant Kale

  • February 27-March 1, 2003, Baton Rouge, LA, Louisiana State University, Experiments and Simulations at Nano-Bio Interface and Frontiers of Grid Computing
    Lecture: "Molecular Simulations on Parallel Machines via Faucets, a Grid Scheduler"

  • June 2003, Melbourne, Australia, Terascale Performance Analysis Workshop, International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
    Lecture: "Scaling Molecular Dynamics to 3000 Processors with Projections: A Performance Analysis Case Study"

Robert Skeel

  • June 2003, Trondheim, Norway, Scientific Computing and Differential Equations 03

Emad Tajkhorshid

  • February 2003, St. Augustine, FL, Sanibel Symposium

  • February 2003, San Antonio, TX, Biophysical Society Meeting

  • May 2003, Urbana, IL, University of Illinois, Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology Seminar

  • June 2003, Holderness, NH, Gordon Research Conference on Mechanisms of Membrane Transport
    Lecture: "Computational Studies of Aquaporin Function and Mechanism"

  • July 2003, Long Island, NY, Computing for Biology, IBM­BNL Blue Gene Science Workshop 2003
    Lecture: "Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane Proteins"

  • October 2003, Lexington, KY, Software Solutions to Large Scale Problems in Computational Chemistry Computational Chemistry GRID Conference
    Lecture: "Molecular mechanisms of photoactivation and spectral tuning in retinal proteins"

  • November 2003, St. Louis, MO, Multi­scale simulation of biological systems, International Conference on Systems Biology 2003 Lecture:  "Largest-Scale Full­Atomic Simulations of Biomolecular Processes"

Other TCB Members (includes meetings attended and poster sessions)

  • February 2003, San Antonio, TX, Biophysical Society Meeting (Rosemary Braun, Elizabeth Villa, Fangqiang Zhu, Justin Gullingsrud, Deyu Lu, Oleksii Aksimentiev, Mu Gao, Melih Sener, Markus Dittrich, Chalempol Kanchanawarin)
    Lecture: "Multi-scale Modeling of Fo ATP Synthase"

  • February 2003, San Francisco, CA, Nanotech 2003 Conference (Ilya Balabin)

  • April 2003, Nice, France, IPDPS 2003, International Parallel and Distributed Symposium (Sameer Kumar)

  • April 2003, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Department of Physics Condensed Matter and Biological Physics Seminar (Aleksei Aksimentiev)
    Lecture: "Exploring Protein Motors on Multiple Time-Scales: Fo ATP Synthase"

  • May 2003. NCSA, Urbana, IL, 2003 Alliance All-Hands Meeting (James Phillips, Kirby Vandivort, Robert Brunner, Tim Skirvin)

  • June 2003, Henniker, NH, Kimball Union Academy, Gordon Conference on on Molecular & Cellular Bioenergetics (Aleksei Aksimentiev)
    Lecture: "Molecular Mechanism of Rotation in the Fo Sector of ATP synthase"

  • July 2003, San Diego, CA, CHARMM Meeting (James Phillips)

  • July 2003, San Diego, CA, SIGGRAPH 2003 (John Stone)

  • August 2003, Lugano, Switzerland, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Summer School (Elizabeth Villa)

  • October 2003, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NMLACSI Conference (Sameer Kumar)

  • November 2003, Phoenix, AZ, SC2003 Conference (James Phillips, Robert Brunner)




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