From: Zheng Hu (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2007 - 15:19:48 CDT

Hi John,
  I have put "puts" command to both the beginning of my vmd.rc file and the foreach loop. But I did not see any messages from the puts commands when VMD starts up. But I am sure VMD can find the modified vmd.rc file because I modified the vmd.rc file in the installation directory of VMD. And I also modify display settings by putting the following commands in the vmd.rc file.
  # modify display settings
  display projection orthographic
  axes location off
  color Display Background silver
  These commands turned out to work well and display settings were changed. It seems that only the "puts" and "foreach" Tk commands cannot be executed. Do I need to modify other files such as init.tcl file, which is Default system startup file for Tcl-based applications? In this file, I notice the following information:
  # tcl_pkgPath, which is set by the platform-specific initialization routines
  # On UNIX it is compiled in
  # On Windows, it is not used
  # On Macintosh it is "Tool Command Language" in the Extensions folder
  The following the information shown when VMD starts up.
>Spaceball driver ont installed. Spaceball interface disabled.
>No joysticks found. Joystick interface disabled.
>Running custom VMD startup scripts
    Cannot unset "ext". no such variable
  The last sentence shows "foreach" loop is not executed.

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