From: John Stone (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 14:08:04 CDT

  While I don't know which hbond script you're working with, the
main VMD tutorial has a section that describes the use of the
TkCon console plugin, and loading and working with Tcl scripts:

  John Stone

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 07:29:57PM +0100, wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded the hbond.tcl script from the mailing list.
> I would like use it to analyze a dynamics so I load the .dcd file in VMD
> and try to use the script with TK-console but it doesn't work.
> Could you help me? Could you say me the procedure to use this script.
> I'm a new VMD user and I've never used TK console before.
> Thanks a lot
> Jacopo

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