From: Karsten Suhre (
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 02:42:11 CDT


  Some ten years ago, autostereograms (random dot stereo images) went through
a boom, generating a lot of interesting artwork. Last week I ran across some
of my old books which made me wondering whether someone has already tried to
generate autostereograms from 3-D protein structures.

  Wouldn't it be relatively easy to implement this as a kind of VMD plugin (or
stereo viewing mode)? This may sound nerdy on first thought, but image for
example that you print your latest solved structure with a flashy background
on a conference poster.

  Well, I am not deep enough into the internals of VMD to do it myself, but if
someone already did it, or has the capacities to do this easily, I would be
very interested to hear about it.

  Kind regards,