From: Francesco Oteri (
Date: Thu Oct 06 2011 - 15:37:05 CDT

Hi Rabab,
the RMSF is the positional standard deviation calculated over the
trajectory while the RMSD is the average euclidean distance between
couples of atoms.
Both can be plotted as a function of time or by residue but are
different information.

Il 06/10/2011 21:22, Rabab Toubar ha scritto:
> Hi
> Just confused between the definition of RMSF vs RMSD: Is it true
> that if we are plotting RMSD as a function of residue (having residue
> number on x-axis) it is RMSF, while if it is RMSD as a function of
> time it is RMSD?
> Please advise
> Thanks
> Rabab