From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 15:58:53 CST

  Recently a number of people have attempted to send VMD-L
postings containing large attachments to the mailing list.
We have the VMD-L mailing list software set to block postings
that contain large attachments. If you've posted such a message,
it will be silently dropped by the mailing list software and
will not be distributed to the list. Just in the last week
four or five people attampted such postings and all were blocked.
Though I could, I will not approve postings with attachments beyond
a few kB, as it is an unwelcome surprise for people that still
get their email via slow dialup connections, and/or people that
have limited space in the mail spool. I'm just sending this
reminder so that people are not surprised when such postings
are dropped by the mailing list.

  John Stone

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