Fujitsu A64FX CPU processor-suitable NAMD

From: Nikhil Maroli (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2021 - 13:27:32 CST

Dear NAMD experts,
Anyone can guide me on the precompiled version of namd Fujitsu A64FX
<;!!DZ3fjg!pim3UankaL0dNIPeVC0BvToKoRx40dMykYrHGMEK_sR2j5UF19CGZw_atGcaMornwA$ > CPU processor to use through
MPI across the nodes? (;!!DZ3fjg!pim3UankaL0dNIPeVC0BvToKoRx40dMykYrHGMEK_sR2j5UF19CGZw_atGcH2xVy3A$ ).
Or do i need to compile it from source?


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