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Have lipid POPE take from CHARMM-GUI into it and column section named “Surface Area” indicate 58.8 Angstrom^3. This can be right to area per lipid?


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If you know the area per lipid for the lipid of interest, couldn’t you calculate the surface area of your sphere and divide by the area per lipid to get the (approximate) number of lipids required?


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Yes, but I want calculate number of lipid to placed given an radius of sphere in my case is 425 angstrom 
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Hi Geo., 
I’d look into PACKMOL.  It should be able to do exactly this for you, and it is easy to use.;!!DZ3fjg!pYJGZx5Hii4X_Bki_ifac8TGWApCZuKngMwmkK-ePDM2fEmeeRdXzEZOCvrcgeuUeQ$ 
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Dear NAMD users, 
How can calculate lipid (POPE) number to be placed into an sphere the 425 Angstrom. 
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