3.0alpha9 CUDA version

From: Michael Von Domaros (mvondoma_at_uci.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 11 2021 - 18:42:23 CST

Hi everyone,

It appears that the namd 3 alpha 9 builds now require CUDA 11.0 (or
something even newer? not sure.) Is this absolutely necessary? I'm asking
because our compute cluster is stuck with CUDA 10 and CUDA 10 compatible
device drivers, because a pretty substantial software stack has been
compiled against this version. The admins are somewhat hesitant to update
the device drivers, because they don't think that running CUDA 10 apps with
newer device drivers will be flawless.

So, long story short: Could NAMD3 be compiled against CUDA 10? If so, is
there any way to access the source code? As far as I can tell, only source
codes for the 2.x series and nightly snapshots are available.

Thanks a bunch,

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