AW: Hydrogen Mass Repartitioning

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Date: Fri Dec 04 2020 - 03:00:59 CST

Hey, this isn't difficult.


In case of Amber files use Parmed and something like



>parm my.prmtop


>outparm my.heave.prmtop


In case of charm you can use the new function of psfgen in VMD:



>package require psfgen


>readpsf my.psf


>writepsf my.heavy.psf


In NAMD, you don't have to change much, simply set:


timestep 4

fullelectfrequency 1

nonbondedfreq 1


and of course use the heavy topology you created.


Have fun!

Norman Geist


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Also, have a look at and the
supplemental files for examples.




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Does anyone have a tutorial on how to implement hydrogen mass repartitioning
in NAMD? I have never used this method before. Thanks!


Dr. Kelly L. McGuire

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