NAMD Question: NAMD Message "364"-What does it mean?

From: Oscar Bastidas (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2016 - 03:34:17 CDT

Hello community,

I've recently initiated a run of a 75 residue single chain protein for 100
picoseconds and when I executed the command to run the simulation in the
VMD command prompt terminal, I got the number "364" as immediate output
upon hitting the return key. Output files SEEM to be slowly being
generated. Now I've already run successfully simulations of this same
protein at smaller simulation times (10 picoseconds) and I don't recall
getting this "364" as immediate output upon executing the command to run

My question thus is: what does this "364" mean? Why am I getting it now?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Oscar B.

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