Re: Query regarding parameter file generation of non standard residue

From: Mahrukh Imtiaz (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2016 - 11:01:22 CDT

Dear AbhiI have tried that too but its not working because I have to generate parameters of this residue from scratch and fftk asks for already present parameter file or psf file, and I dont have both of them 

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Dear Mhrukh,

Please try FFTK tool kit available in VMD, it will solve your problem.

All the best


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Subject: namd-l: Query regarding parameter file generation of non standard residue Dear all,

I am currently facing some problems in generating a Charmm parameter file for a non standard amino acid i.e. Glucose attached to Asparagine (N-glycosylation). I have generated an optimized structure of this non standard residue via Gaussian and determined the bond, angle and dihedral constraints. However, I am unable to calculate the force constant value for above mentioned constraints. Any help regarding this issue would be highly appreciated as I am new at parameters generation.
Best regards,Mahrukh ImtiazCOMSATS Islamabad, Pakistan

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