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Date: Tue Aug 16 2016 - 23:53:20 CDT

>From what I understood, you mean that his minimization seems to not have converged even after 1.000.000 steps. This is somewhat untypical but may be related to your system. Can u explain what your system consists of? But, btw. you don’t need a fully converged minimization if you plan to do molecular dynamics afterwards, since the minimization usually has the purpose, just to remove initial conditions that would blow apart the system otherwise.


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are you doing energy minimization or dynamics? you say here 1 ns and talk about time-steps, that sounds like dynamics. Energy minimization would just be steps, one can't really assume any particular time.


Assuming it really is minimization, I think you should expect a continuous decrease in energy over time. I don't really see why it would need to be straight. Maybe I'm missing something, can you explain why you think it ought to be straight?


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In my models used for energy minimization in NAMD, after 1ns i.e., 1000000
time-steps. I am not getting a completely straight line. Is it compulsary
to get a totally straight line in the energy minimization step? what are
the reasons for not getting a completely straight line?


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