Remembering resid

From: Kevin C Chan (
Date: Thu Jun 18 2015 - 08:42:34 CDT

Dear Users,

I'm struggling with psfgen of a membrane created from duplicating a smaller
piece of membrane. Obviously there will be duplicated resid inside the pdb
and psfgen hates them :(

Then I try to renumber them according to residue choosing ($sel set resid
[$sel get residue]) but fail as maybe there is a user-constructed lipid so
VMD is weak at recognising it. It has been a nightmare as VMD does not read
a topology before load the pdb but only a psf. This is weird as I am
currently encountering problem when making the psf it requires. I thought
sending this to the VMD mailing list but as it originated from psfgen so I
still send it here.

Can anyone share their experience in making psf for membrane made from

Thank in advance,
City University of Hong Kong

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