Question about free energy of conformation change

From: Peiquan Chen (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 02:26:46 CST

Hi all,

I am going to use the free energy of conformational changes module in NAMD to study the free energy profile roting of one bond of my inhibitor. But just as I am a newbie in this class of calculation, I have something uncertain and want to know.

In my configuration file, I have define as following.

freeEnergy on
freeEnergyConfig {

   urestraint {
   dihe pmf (MAIN,1,C16) (MAIN,1,N18) (MAIN,1,C20) (MAIN,1,N21) barr=20, low=-180.0, high=180.0

mcti {
  task = stepup
  equiltime = 50 ps
  accumtime = 250 ps
  numsteps = 36
  print = 1 ps

I have the following question:

1. I don't know which value for barr is suitable for my molecule. I just take 20 as described in the use guide.

2. Which values I should take in equiltime and accumtime?

3. How to judge I have done a succesful simulation if we don't have any experimental data about the conformation change.

Any commment will be appreciated!

Sincerely yours

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