Re: Intel Woodcrest version?

From: Jacob Poehlsgaard (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 03:01:33 CDT

Dear Michael

 Is it this binary: Linux-amd64
(Opteron, Athlon64, Intel EMT64)?
 If so I've already tried that, I should have mentioned that. On our
system it's unstable and crashes with random errors after about an hour
of running. This was on 4 nodes (16 cores). It did seem to run a lot
faster than the standard linux version.

> dear jacob,
> the binaries for this are on the web site already. i have it running on my mac pro which has a quadcore woodcrest.
> i hope that this helps.
> michael
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> Subject: namd-l: Intel Woodcrest version?
> Hi NAMD users
> Are there any plans on producing a NAMD binary specifically for Intel
> Woodcrest (core 2 duo dual processor) clusters? We've been trying to
> compile it ourselves, but the sysadmin here is a little unsure of how
> to correctly compile and optimize it, as the build process seems a
> little unique. Alternatively, is there any more in-depth information
> about the build process? The documentation that comes with the source is
> rather implicit (or maybe we are looking in the wrong places).
> Jacob Poehlsgaard
> SDU, Denmark

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