From: Moumita Maiti (m.moumita_at_gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 04:26:18 CDT

Hi NAMD users,

                                  I want to delete an unwanted atom before
building a psf and pdb files. I want to delete O2'
from a segemnt dn0. So I had used the syntax as follows:

segment dn0 {pdb ${dir}/1kx5/1kx5_dna_chain0.pdb}
coordpdb ${dir}/1kx5/1kx5_dna_chain0.pdb dn0
delatom dn0 ADE O2'

But it shows the error

"no segment dn0"

I think the definition of the segment is not accepted, but why not, I don't
understand as I hope I have defined
the segment by "dn0" with the following syntax:

"segment dn0 {pdb ${dir}/1kx5/1kx5_dna_chain0.pdb}"

Thank you,

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