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Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 10:02:26 CDT

I have a protein in a water box (9250 total atoms). The PCs are connected in a window network and the time is :

using 1 PC: WallClock: 497.609009 CPUTime: 497.608002 Memory: 0 kB
using 2 PC: WallClock: 562.856018 CPUTime: 562.854980 Memory: 0 kB

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  It is possible if the efficiency is really low.

  How many atoms are in your system? How are the two PCs connected? And what is the difference in times?

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    When I run a MD simulation on 1 PC (using namd) the time involve in the process is lower than if I use 2 PC with Charmrun soft. żIt is possible?


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