how long should the simulation be run

From: genie lfs (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2006 - 04:33:50 CDT

hello ..
i am new to simulations and have tried a few simulations to understand.
i understand the parameters involved and how to run a simulation.

but how long should a simulation be run ? like for a energy
minimization once we get a stable energy we can safely say that the
system is minimized..

i am using simulations to understand protein-rna interactions .. i ran
the simulation for 10 ps and didnot find anything unusal after the 6
ps .. what ever was expected to happen according to theory happened in
6 ps and the rsst 4 ps the simulation was of no interest.

but most of the simulations i see run for 1ns .. so can you please
guide me over this.

thanking you

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