no Na or CLA paramters in par_all22_prot.inp

From: Shulin Zhuang (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 06:54:49 CST

Dear All,

I use top_all22_prot.inp for the setup of psf file and use
par_all22_prot.inp to make the configuration file for the minimization. My
protein is neutralized with three chloride ions(CLA) using VMD, however,
there are no parameters for CLA in par_all22_prot.inp. How should I do?
Should I simply copy the CLA parameter from par_all27_prot_lipid.inp or
par_all27_prot_na.prm. But this does not seem appropriate>

Waiting any suggestions.
best regards

   Shulin Zhuang
Chemistry Department
Zhejiang University PRC

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