Re: Some problem on compiling NAMD

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Thu Dec 15 2005 - 22:04:28 CST

孙庭广 wrote:

>Hi every one:
>When I build the charm on a DEC alpha computer using the command:
> ./build charm++ mpi-axp cxx
>some error occured. The information printed out showed:
> checking whether c++ compiler works... ok
> checking whether c++ bool
> ........................................
>and when processing,the "bool" in the sorce file can be not recognized,then some
>variables were thought to be "no declared".
>How can I make the c++ bool work?
>Thank your in advance!
>¡¡ Sting

It appears that we no longer support old compilers that don't define bool.

As a workaround, in charm/src/conv-core/converse.h, around line 69,
could you change it to be something like:

enum CmiBool {CmiFalse=0, CmiTrue=1};
typedef enum {false = 0, true = 1} bool; /* defines
bool */
typedef bool CmiBool;
#define CmiFalse false
#define CmiTrue true

please let me know if it works,


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