running NAMD2 in parallel

From: Gan, Yong \(UMC-Student\) (
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 21:23:46 CDT


I tried to run namd2.6b1 on 2 nodes. I was told that

/bin/sh: line 35: cd: /home/yg8p2/popc160: No such file or directory

and the log file said

Charmrun rsh(node3.0)> Cannot propagate this current directory:
Charmrun rsh(node3.0)> /home/yg8p2/popc160
Charmrun rsh(node3.0)> Exiting with error code 1

My nodelist is

group main
host node3
host node4

Could you tell me how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!!!


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