vmdtext and .cshrc.

From: bo baker (bo.bybaker_at_gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 18:26:29 CDT

Hello, NAMD:

I'm trying to work through one of the workshop tutorials. At one
stage, I am haveing trouble to run 'vmdtext'. I check the mail-list.
Someone suggested that one should create an alias with vmdtext. Here
is message from the mail list:

in cshrc you add to your .cshrc:

 alias vmdtext 'vmd -dispdev text'

in bash, you aff to your .bashrc:

alias vmdtext='vmd -dispdev text'


I tried the above instructions. Here is how I did: open a terminal
window (or VMD TkConsole)

[--------:~] bo% alias vmdtext='vmd -dispdev text'
[--------:~] bo% vmdtext -e ubq.pgn
tcsh: vmd: Command not found.

Main console display active (Tcl8.4.2 / Tk8.4.2)
(bo) 1 % alias vmdtext='vmd -dispdev text'
>Main< (bo) 2 % vmdtext -e ubq.pgn
invalid command name "-dispdev"
>Main< (bo) 3 % alias vmdtext 'vmd -dispdev text'
>Main< (bo) 4 % vmdtext -e ubq.pgn
invalid command name "'vmd"

vmd > alias vmdtext='vmd -dispdev text'
vmd > vmdtext -e ubq.pgn
invalid command name "vmdtext"
vmd >


Seems that I didn't get to the right path. I am not good at unix
system. Could anyone give me some instructions on how can I find
.cshrc in my computer and how to alias 'vmdtex' ? I use Mac OS X
10.3. It is seems a 'tsch' . And VMD 1.8.3.

Thanks for your help.


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