Re: Re: Charmm++5.9 build on Mac OS X by IB xlc compiler

From: Jason Lee (
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 10:55:13 CDT

Dear Gengbin:

I got NAMD compiled by xlc on myrinet finally. But I still have problems for

1.During the charm++ and NAMD compilation process, it always complains that
conv-mach-gm.h", line 1.0: 1540-0809 (W) The source file is empty. This is
the reason why I replace it with the file from net-ppc-darwin.

2.Following the release notes of NAMD2.6b1, I have used the “gm” option and
checked the malloc definition. So I didn't disable the memory registration
when I configured MPICH-GM. Actually I do try to disable the memory
registration when I configured it, which is not successful. Then there is a
run time error that Malloc hook test failed: the malloc provided by MPICH-GM
is not used, it may have been overloaded by a malloc provided by another
library. Could you give me any hints on this?

Appreciate it. Have a nice day.

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