Re: XPLOR psf format

From: Sterling Paramore (
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 14:40:01 CDT

You can use charmm to generate the xplor psf file:

open write unit 1 card name x.psf
write psf card xplor unit 1
close unit 1

Stern, Julie wrote:

>I'm trying to convert a charmm psf file to an XPLOR
>psf file so that NAMD can read it. However, VMD psfgen
>keeps telling me I have a charmm formatted file. All we
>did was convert the number of the atom type to the actual
>name of the atom type.
>Do the column spacings have to be formatted exactly?
>I don't even know how psfgen can tell its a charmm format.
>Where can I find more information on XPLOR formatting?

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