RE: Some questions about TCL

From: wmsmith (
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 17:20:54 CDT

My suggestion is to declare a global variable outside of the calcforce
procedure then register it inside the calcforce procedure using the global
command. Then put in a command to increment it in the calcforces procedure.
That way the calcforces command will have access to the current frame. From
there you can use some kind of control statement, like an if or a switch to
tell the script to perform different procedures based on the current time
Hope that helps

>===== Original Message From "Shahid Qamar" <> =====
>Hi All
>I want to run a loop of simulations. I want to run 100 steps and then do
>some calculation in TCL and agian run for 100 steps.
>If put run 100 in TCL it does not work. If I put run 100 in config file
>then it runs for one time.
>So how and where in TCL file I can out run 100 ?
>Thanks for your help.

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