Compliling NAMD in RedHat9

From: Karina Martinez (
Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 21:59:28 CDT


My name is Karina Martinez, I'm new in NAMD. I am trying to install it in a
Linux computer. But when I ran ./build charm++ net-linux -O -NCMK_OPTIMIZE=1
I obtained the following:

Creating dir: net-linux
Creating dir: net-linux/tmp
Copying src/scripts/Makefile to net-linux/tmp
Soft-linking over bin
Soft-linking over lib
Soft-linking over lib_so
Soft-linking over include
Soft-linking over tmp
Generating net-linux/tmp/
Generating net-linux/tmp/conv-mach-opt.h,
Performing 'make charm++ OPTS= -O -DCMK_OPTIMIZE=1' in net-linux/tmp
rm -f .gdir
(cd .. ; basename "`pwd`" | sed -e 's_at_-.*@@') > .gdir
find . -type l -exec rm {} \;
rm -rf QuickThreads
rm -rf libs
rm -rf ../bin ; mkdir ../bin
rm -rf ../lib ; mkdir ../lib
rm -rf ../lib_so ; mkdir ../lib_so
rm -rf ../pgms
rm -rf ../doc ; ln -s ../doc ../doc
../../src/scripts/gatherflat ../../src/scripts .
./gatherflat ../../src/conv-core .
./gatherflat ../../src/conv-ldb .
./gatherflat ../../src/conv-ccs .
./gatherflat ../../src/conv-perf .
./gatherflat ../../src/ck-core .
./gatherflat ../../src/util .
./gatherflat ../../src/ck-perf .
./gatherflat ../../src/ck-ldb .
./gatherflat ../../src/langs/simplemsg .
./gatherflat ../../src/langs/pvmc .
./gatherflat ../../src/langs/bluegene .
./gatherflat ../../src/langs/f90charm .
./gatherflat ../../src/xlat-i .
./gatherflat ../../src/xlatcpm .
./gathertree ../../src/QuickThreads QuickThreads
./gathertree ../../src/libs libs
./gathertree ../../src/arch/util .
./gathertree ../../src/langs langs
./gathertree ../../src/arch/common .
./gathertree ../../src/arch/`cat .gdir` .
./gatherflat ../../src/arch/`cat .vdir` .
./gathertree ../../pgms ../pgms
rm -f ../bin/charmc ; cp charmc ../bin/
chmod +x ../bin/charmc
rm -f .gdir
rm -rf ../include ; mkdir ../include
./system_ln ../tmp/conv-*.*h ../include
./system_ln ../tmp/cc-*.*h ../include
if [ ! -f conv-common.h ] ; then ( touch conv-common.h ) ; fi
touch dirs+sources
creating cache ./config.cache
checking machine name... net-linux
set C++ compiler as: g++ -Wno-deprecated
checking whether C++ compiler works... no
Cannot compile C++ programs with g++ -Wno-deprecated
 (check your charm++ version)
make: *** [conv-autoconfig.h] Error 1
Charm++ NOT BUILT. Either cd into net-linux/tmp and try
to resolve the problems yourself, visit
for more information. Otherwise, email the developers at

  Thanks in advance


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