Installing NAMD

From: Michel Espinoza-Fonseca (
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 18:18:43 CST

Dear Ken,

I've read your message posted months ago. The post is:


am trying to compile NAMD on a cluster under MPI. I downloaded, compiled

and tested charm++ and had no problems. I downloaded the precompiled
fftw and plugins. I then edited Make.charmm, Linux-i686.fftw,
All-Unix.plugins and Linux-i686.tcl files as outlined in notes. Then I
./config tcl fftw plugins Linux-i686-g++, switched to that directory and
make. I am getting the following output indicating that charm++.h and
converse.h do not exist. I've checked the include directory in .rootdir
they are there....


Now I'm trying to compile NAMD on an Altix system, and I receive a
similar message, even though I changed many times the location of the .h
files. I would like to ask you if you had success compiling NAMD. If the
answer is 'yes', what did you do? I've been spending a lot of time
trying to compile NAMD, and it simply doesn't work.

Thank you very much!



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