psfgen error "Missing atom for conformation definition"

From: bora erdemli (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 06:16:30 CST

Hi ;

I tried to use psfgen but it gave the following error
and the coordinates and relevant parameters of some of
the atoms in the resulting .pdb and .psf files are
seemed as zero.
being understood from the error messeage, there can be
missing atoms in the pdb file, which I have not
checked it yet. If it is so, how can i overcome this
problem? Should I put the missing atom by hand? but it
will probably cause more errors.

Sabri Bora Erdemli
Koc University
Computational Science and Engineering
Research and Teaching Asistant
Koc Universitesi pk.218 34550
sariyer Istanbul/TURKEY
tel no: 02123381736

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