Re: namdplot not working

From: vivek sharma (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 16:04:06 CST

Dear Glenn,

I had similar problems some time back, but I used 'namddat' instead and
that may work nicely for you also.
Just use (for e.g.):

./namddat TEMP *.log

it will generate data.dat which contains time step and temperature as x y
columns respectively and that can be easily plotted with xmgrace.

Hope it works.


Quoting Glenn Johnson <>:

> I am new to namd and am going through the tutorial. I am at the part of
> trying to analyze ubq_ws_eq.log with namdplot. When I run the namdplot
> script it generates an xmgrace plot with no data and no y-axis label,
> and the axes running from 0 to 1. The temp file that the script creates
> is empty. I searched the archive but could not find an answer although
> I saw some people had posted about a similar problem.
> Thanks.
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