Re: About charm++/namd on AMD64 cluster

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Date: Mon Jan 03 2005 - 04:15:19 CST

  I downloaded the latest Charm++ and compiled the mpi
version of Charm++/NAMD on amd64 cluster.They can work
  I made a simple 100 steps minimization.But why the
CPUTime is become longer with increasing the number of
cpus?What factors affect the CPUTime?

Thanks in advance!
 --- Gengbin Zheng <> 的正文:
> This errors should be fine as they are fortran
> related and NAMD does not
> written in fortran.
> Have you tried test program in
> charm/pgms/charm++/megatest? Whatis the
> result?
> If it fails, Maybe you should download the latest
> source from Charm++
> website.
> Gengbin

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