how to constrains the smd atom on a line when do my smd simulation??

From: (
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 01:59:09 CST

I have problem as you see in title.For example, after my equilibrium
step,the fix atom coordinate is {0,0,0},and the smd atom coordinate is {1,2,
3} for my smd simulation.Then I apply SMDDir on {1,2,3}determined by these
two poins .after my smd simulation,I found the smd atom coordinate
trajectory was not on the line {0,0,0},{1,2,3}.So I want constrains the smd
aton on the line {0,0,0},{1,2,3},how can I do it??
I know it is easy to constrain a atom to free motion only along x or y or z
coordinate,but how to constrain a atom on a line not parallel to the axis??

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