RE: par_all27_prot_lipid.inp

From: Michel Espinoza-Fonseca (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 11:28:07 CDT

The par_all27_prot_lipid.inp and the par_all27_prot_lipid.prm are
exactly the same thing. The only difference is the name. You can just
set in your config file:

parameters dir_where_parameters_are/par_all27_prot_lipid.prm

Hope it helps,


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Hello, NAMD:

I downloaded the 'toppar_c31b1.tar.gz' from the website for the Charmm
'par_all27_prot_lipid.inp' force field. But the file has
'par_all27_prot_lipid.prm ', but not the 'par_all27_prot_lipid.inp'.

Can any one suggests where can I find the 'par_all27_prot_lipid.inp' ?

Thanks for all your help.


>You could get the forcefield parameters from here

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