Error on Solaris

From: Tirath Ramdas (
Date: Sat Jun 25 2005 - 12:57:53 CDT

Hi all,

I attempted to run the 2-4-temp tutorial simulation (available from on a Solaris machine
(with the latest executable from the same site) on which I lack root
access, and after over 50 hours the job died with:

afs: failed to store file (13)
Bus Error

I have successfully run the earlier namd simulations without any
complaints on the same system with the same binaries, though they
took faarrrr less time than 2-4-temp.

I tried googling {"afs: failed to store file (13)" "Bus Error"}, but
got no hits. Any hints, anyone?

(btw, fwiw, I'm a total newbie to this stuff - i.e. molecular
biology, as well as large scale simulations in general!)

Apologies if this sort of query is OT on this list.

Tirath Ramdas

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