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Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 11:53:35 CDT

Hi Pijush.

I think the answer is no, there is nothing wrong with restarting with binary
velocity and coordinate restart files. That said, I am not an authority on
MD simulations.

The thread below may be of interest. (N.B., I believe Jim Phillips is the
lead NAMD developer.) There are quite a few related threads.


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  I have a question on the numsteps(time) of simulation.

Instead of running my minimization or MD simulation for time T, if I break
it into t1, t2, t3.... (T>>t), with output from one carried to the next, am
I doing a big approximation or building up a huge error. I want to follow
this to make things computationally convenient.

I am looking forward for some discussion on this.
Any reference of journal paper or book on this is highly appreciated.


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