Re: clustermatic nodelist file

From: Rene Salmon (
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 14:53:47 CST


Thank you very much this worked perfectly. Here are the details
for the list archive and anyone who is interested.

> or wait until tomorrow (after 2am CST) to download the nightly tested version
> of charm at:
> please download the source code, as we don't have pre-compiled binary version
> for clustermatic version.
> Once you checkout charm and compile it with:
> ./build charm++ net-linux clustermatic, or
> ./build charm++ net-linux scyld

Downloaded the source and compiled on our clustermatic 5 AMD64 cluster with:
./build charm++ net-linux-amd64 clustermatic

> the new charmrun should have the feature of taking a nodelist file as an
> option:
> ./charmrun ++nodelist ./nodelist ./namd2 config
> Note that you MUST use ++nodelist option, otherwise, it will act same as
> before by choosing compute nodes itself.

Our cluster nodes have 2 CPUs so se used this to run:
./charmrun ++skipmaster ++nodelist $nodelistfile ++p $num_procs namd2 alanin
Not sure that the ++p option makes a difference but it seem to work for us.

> The nodelist file should contain compute node number like:
> group main
> host -1
> host 0
> host 5
> host 8
> NOTE that if the file system is not NFS mounted, you need to use "-1" the
> master node as the first line of host. Otherwise, NAMD won't be able to read
> config and data file if it is running on slave nodes.

we have an NFS shared file system to run this on so our nodelist file looks like this.

group main
host 26
host 28
host 29

I will try running with out NFS with the "-1" host later.

Thank you again for the help


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