Re: scyld no longer a supported option for building charm++ ?

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 14:43:56 CST

Please use option "clustermatic".
I prompted net-linux-amd64 from old net-linux arch file tree a month
back, since we have "scyld" and "clustermatic" both options that are
exactly same config files, I decided to have one instead to simplify it.
If you insist :-), I can add "scyld" option back, but they will be
exactly same.


Steven A. DuChene wrote:

>I am attempting to build charm++ for use on an opteron (x86_64)
>cluster running the current version of scyld. When I do the
>./build charm++ net-linux-amd64 scyld gcc tcp
>all I get back is:
>Error> option: scyld is not supported in this version!
>Supported compilers: cxx gcc3 gcc icc iccstatic kcc pgcc xlc64 xlc
>Supported options: clustermatic local syncft tcp bluegene ifort lcs ooc papi pgf90
>Why has scyld support been removed from the current cvs versions
>of charm?

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