multiple jobs on a cluster

From: Cheri M Turman (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 15:55:42 CST

Hi everyone,
I am running into an issue with a scyld beowulf cluster. I read in the
release notes that it is not good to run multiple namd jobs on the same
nodes. Does this apply to other programs running on the same nodes as
an namd job? I am experiencing a problem with my namd job hanging. It
still says status "running" but I'm getting no output or logging data.
Some days it runs fine but others it doesn't. Sometimes it hangs before
entering startup phase and others end right as the startup phase ends.
I think it may be an issue when the individual jobs are sent to
different nodes. I share this 90 node cluster over the whole school so
I am limited as to what I can do if it is a problem that other users are
using the same nodes as I am. If this is the case, does anyone know how
to choose what nodes namd runs on in PBS scripting?
Thanks for any help,

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