compiling linux scyld mpi 64bit

From: Eric Franz (
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 10:40:31 CDT

Hello everybody,

My first attempt at compiling on a 64bit amd linux machine failed - in
the namd compililation, charmc would add a setting for -rdynamic, but
I personally added -static so that it would use static libraries for
tcl, like the faqs and docs on the namd website said to. This
conflict would constantly stop the build. I don't know any way around
it. I figure I will have similar problems, only now I am attempting
to install namd on a scyld cluster running mpi, all with amd opterons
(64bit). Does anybody have any suggestions on how to set up this
compile (considering I may have to write new files in the arch
directory to make this work).


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