submitting a job in a queue

From: Giovanni (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 10:55:37 CDT

Hi all,
I would like to start a parallel simulation with namd using charmrun on
an linux-alpha cluster.
The software is working perfectly for local jobs but if I want to use
remote machines also,
the only thing I can do is to submit my job to a queue and wait for free
Then, I don't know in advance on which machines my simulation will run.
I guess, first, that all the names of the machines in the cluster should
be in the "nodelist" file, but is this enough to get it working ?

I am a bit suspicious because, when I run NAMD on our smaller cluster
(intel-linux and no queues) I have to copy the directory containing the
starting files to an identical path in all remote nodes that are in my
Also, the executable namd2 must be in the same directory on all machines
that I decide to use
Any suggestion ?


Giovanni Bellesia
Theory and Computation Group
Department of Chemistry
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

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