charmrun vs. miprun and nature of parallelism

From: Stern, Julie (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 11:39:39 CST

   When I started working with namd I had to decide between
charmrun vs. mpirun. I understand that mpirun corresponds
to the mpi version. So, what is used to create the parallelism
in the charmrun version and where can I find out more about the
type of parallelism and scalability and benchmarks, etc..? Also,
from what I gathered, people have written their own mpi version
(I was talking to people using LINUX systems, so maybe they
were specially writing it for that system.). Does anyone have
info on the mpi versions and where to get them? And has anyone
done any performance evaluation between the charmrun version and
the miprun version? I'm using a linux cluster.

Thanks for any info or pointers to info.

Julie Stern
Biology Dept.

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