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MolInfoMsg Class Reference

#include <ParallelIOMgr.h>

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Public Attributes

int numBonds
int numCalcBonds
int numAngles
int numCalcAngles
int numDihedrals
int numCalcDihedrals
int numImpropers
int numCalcImpropers
int numCrossterms
int numCalcCrossterms
int64 numExclusions
int64 numCalcExclusions
int64 numCalcFullExclusions
int numLJPairs
int numCalcLJPairs
int numRigidBonds
BigReal totalMass
Vector totalMV
BigReal totalCharge

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

Member Data Documentation

int MolInfoMsg::numAngles
int MolInfoMsg::numBonds
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcAngles
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcBonds
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcCrossterms
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcDihedrals
int64 MolInfoMsg::numCalcExclusions
int64 MolInfoMsg::numCalcFullExclusions
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcImpropers
int MolInfoMsg::numCalcLJPairs

Definition at line 51 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

Referenced by ParallelIOMgr::updateMolInfo().

int MolInfoMsg::numCrossterms
int MolInfoMsg::numDihedrals
int64 MolInfoMsg::numExclusions
int MolInfoMsg::numImpropers
int MolInfoMsg::numLJPairs

Definition at line 50 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

Referenced by ParallelIOMgr::updateMolInfo().

int MolInfoMsg::numRigidBonds
BigReal MolInfoMsg::totalCharge

Definition at line 60 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

Referenced by ParallelIOMgr::recvMolInfo(), and ParallelIOMgr::updateMolInfo().

BigReal MolInfoMsg::totalMass
Vector MolInfoMsg::totalMV

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