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ComputeNonbondedMIC Class Reference

#include <ComputeNonbondedMIC.h>

Inheritance diagram for ComputeNonbondedMIC:
Compute ComputeNonbondedUtil


struct  compute_record
struct  patch_record

Public Member Functions

 ComputeNonbondedMIC (ComputeID c, ComputeMgr *mgr, ComputeNonbondedMIC *m=0, int idx=-1)
 ~ComputeNonbondedMIC ()
void atomUpdate ()
void doWork ()
int noWork ()
void skip ()
void recvYieldDevice (int pe)
int finishWork ()
void build_exclusions ()
void requirePatch (int pid)
void assignPatches ()
void registerPatches ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Compute
 Compute (ComputeID)
int type ()
virtual ~Compute ()
void setNumPatches (int n)
int getNumPatches ()
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void patchReady (PatchID, int doneMigration, int seq)
virtual void finishPatch (int)
int sequence (void)
int priority (void)
int getGBISPhase (void)
virtual void gbisP2PatchReady (PatchID, int seq)
virtual void gbisP3PatchReady (PatchID, int seq)

Static Public Member Functions

static void bind_lj_table (int deviceNum)
static void bind_force_table (int deviceNum)
static void bind_constants (int deviceNum)
static void bind_exclusions (int deviceNum)

Public Attributes

int workStarted
Lattice lattice
int doSlow
int doEnergy
int step
ResizeArray< int > activePatches
ResizeArray< int > localActivePatches
ResizeArray< int > remoteActivePatches
ResizeArray< int > hostedPatches
ResizeArray< int > localHostedPatches
ResizeArray< int > remoteHostedPatches
ResizeArray< patch_recordpatchRecords
ResizeArray< compute_recordcomputeRecords
ResizeArray< compute_recordlocalComputeRecords
ResizeArray< compute_recordremoteComputeRecords
int num_atom_records
int num_local_atom_records
int num_remote_atom_records
int num_force_records
int num_local_compute_records
int num_remote_compute_records
int num_local_patch_records
int num_remote_patch_records
double4 * forces
double4 * slow_forces
ComputeNonbondedMICKernel * kernel
int masterPe
int slaveIndex
ComputeNonbondedMIC ** slaves
int * slavePes
int numSlaves
int atomsChanged
int computesChanged
int pairlistsValid
float pairlistTolerance
int usePairlists
int savePairlists
float plcutoff2
int exclContrib
int timestep
- Public Attributes inherited from Compute
const ComputeID cid
LDObjHandle ldObjHandle
LocalWorkMsg *const localWorkMsg

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Compute
void enqueueWork ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Compute
int computeType
int basePriority
int gbisPhase
int gbisPhasePriority [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ComputeNonbondedMIC::ComputeNonbondedMIC ( ComputeID  c,
ComputeMgr mgr,
ComputeNonbondedMIC m = 0,
int  idx = -1 
ComputeNonbondedMIC::~ComputeNonbondedMIC ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ComputeNonbondedMIC::assignPatches ( )
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::atomUpdate ( )

Reimplemented from Compute.

static void ComputeNonbondedMIC::bind_constants ( int  deviceNum)
static void ComputeNonbondedMIC::bind_exclusions ( int  deviceNum)
static void ComputeNonbondedMIC::bind_force_table ( int  deviceNum)
static void ComputeNonbondedMIC::bind_lj_table ( int  deviceNum)
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::build_exclusions ( )
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::doWork ( )

Reimplemented from Compute.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::finishWork ( )
int ComputeNonbondedMIC::noWork ( )

Reimplemented from Compute.

void ComputeNonbondedMIC::recvYieldDevice ( int  pe)
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::registerPatches ( )
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::requirePatch ( int  pid)
void ComputeNonbondedMIC::skip ( )

Member Data Documentation

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::activePatches

Definition at line 93 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

AtomMap* ComputeNonbondedMIC::atomMap

Definition at line 115 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::atomsChanged

Definition at line 127 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<compute_record> ComputeNonbondedMIC::computeRecords

Definition at line 96 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::computesChanged

Definition at line 128 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

GBReal* ComputeNonbondedMIC::dEdaSumH

Definition at line 112 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::doEnergy

Definition at line 79 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::doSlow

Definition at line 79 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::exclContrib

Definition at line 154 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

double4* ComputeNonbondedMIC::forces

Definition at line 109 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::hostedPatches

Definition at line 94 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ComputeNonbondedMICKernel* ComputeNonbondedMIC::kernel

Definition at line 118 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

Lattice ComputeNonbondedMIC::lattice

Definition at line 78 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::localActivePatches

Definition at line 93 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<compute_record> ComputeNonbondedMIC::localComputeRecords

Definition at line 97 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::localHostedPatches

Definition at line 94 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

Referenced by ComputeMgr::sendNonbondedMICSlaveEnqueue().

LocalWorkMsg* ComputeNonbondedMIC::localWorkMsg2

Definition at line 75 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

Referenced by ComputeMgr::sendNonbondedMICSlaveEnqueue().

ComputeNonbondedMIC* ComputeNonbondedMIC::master

Definition at line 120 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::masterPe

Definition at line 121 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_atom_records

Definition at line 99 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_force_records

Definition at line 102 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_local_atom_records

Definition at line 100 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_local_compute_records

Definition at line 104 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_local_patch_records

Definition at line 106 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_remote_atom_records

Definition at line 101 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_remote_compute_records

Definition at line 105 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::num_remote_patch_records

Definition at line 107 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::numSlaves

Definition at line 125 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::pairlistsValid

Definition at line 130 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

float ComputeNonbondedMIC::pairlistTolerance

Definition at line 131 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

PatchMap* ComputeNonbondedMIC::patchMap

Definition at line 114 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<patch_record> ComputeNonbondedMIC::patchRecords

Definition at line 95 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

float ComputeNonbondedMIC::plcutoff2

Definition at line 134 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

GBReal* ComputeNonbondedMIC::psiSumH

Definition at line 111 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

SubmitReduction* ComputeNonbondedMIC::reduction

Definition at line 116 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::remoteActivePatches

Definition at line 93 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<compute_record> ComputeNonbondedMIC::remoteComputeRecords

Definition at line 97 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ResizeArray<int> ComputeNonbondedMIC::remoteHostedPatches

Definition at line 94 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::savePairlists

Definition at line 133 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::slaveIndex

Definition at line 122 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int* ComputeNonbondedMIC::slavePes

Definition at line 124 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

ComputeNonbondedMIC** ComputeNonbondedMIC::slaves

Definition at line 123 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

double4* ComputeNonbondedMIC::slow_forces

Definition at line 110 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::step

Definition at line 80 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::timestep

Definition at line 157 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::usePairlists

Definition at line 132 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

int ComputeNonbondedMIC::workStarted

Definition at line 77 of file ComputeNonbondedMIC.h.

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