We are continually adding new features to JMV (and expanding the spotlight to highlight more of the existing features of JMV) so come here often.

BioCoRE uses JMV, which allows you to quickly view molecules in different representations and color schemes. You can use JMV to view PDB files stored in the BioCoRE Filesystem by clicking "View this molecule using JMV" in the file's "Properties" window.

JMV loads PDB format molecular structure files over the web, from the RCSB protein databank, from BioCoRE filesystems, and from local filesystems. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate JMV into web pages, web-based collaboration systems such as BioCoRE, and other internet-enabled applications that require molecular visualization capabilities.

JMV provides built-in support for stereoscopic display, allowing molecular structures to be viewed in full 3-D, on appropriately equipped personal computers and workstations.

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