JMV 0.85 Pre-Release Demo Page

This page contains a pre-release version of JMV, setup to be used by web browsers that have the Sun "JPI" (Java PlugIn) and Java3D software installed.

If your browser is properly configured, you should see JMV startup and load a small molecule automatically below. If JMV doesn't startup at all, then you need to install the Sun Java Plugin for your system. This version of JMV requires the JRE (version 1.3.1 or greater) and Java3D (version 1.2.1 or greater) to run. If you see the applet start to load but stop after printing messages in the box below, then you have a problem with your Java3D installation.

Once you see the JMV title screen, you can select a PDB file from the local filesystem, a web URL, or the RCSB PDB databank (using a 4 character accession code). A good medium-sized molecule to try loading from the RCSB is titin, whose accession code is "1tit". To load titin, click on the "Load a file" option under "File", and when the file menu appears type "1tit" into the text input field and click on the "Load file" button. From this point it should take about 10 seconds for JMV to download the titin molecule (depending on how busy the RCSB servers are) and display it on the screen. Once loaded you can change the molecular representation, coloring style, color gradient, and enable or disable stereoscopic display of the molecule (if you have the appropriate stereo display hardware and software).

Example molecule URLs

Here are several URLs for molecules that are interesting to load into JMV.

If you have any questions about JMV or need help getting your Java Plugin working with JMV, please send email to

Key JMV Features:

  • Implemented entirely in Java and Java3D for platform-independence
  • Provides hardware accelerated 3-D molecular visualization
  • Can be loaded into a Web page to provide completely web-based molecular visualization capabilities to remote users
  • Can be used as a component for electronic text books
  • Provides several of the most commonly used molecular representations and coloring styles
  • Component-based software architecture using Java Beans for inclusion of JMV functionality into other Java programs
  • Modular object-oriented software design