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JMV Quick Start

JMV controls:

Left button: Rotate
Middle button: Zoom (Up->Zoom Out; Down->Zoom In)
Note: On 2-button mice, Zoom is accomplished by holding the Alt key and using the Left button.
Right button: Translate

How do I change the molecule's representation?

From the "View" menu, select "Representation" and choose the representation from the choices displayed.

How do I change the way the molecule is colored?

To change how the molecule is colored (by atom index, by atom name, etc.), from the "View" menu, select "Color by", and choose a colorization scheme.

How do I change the color gradient?

From the "View" menu, select "Color gradient", and choose a gradient. "RGB" means Red->Green->Blue, etc. If you select "Custom", a popup box with 3 buttons will be shown. Clicking in these buttons lets you set the start, middle, and end colors for the custom gradient.

How do I set the background color?

From "View", select "Display options". In the pop-up window that is displayed, click on the "Change background color" button. This will pop up another window allowing you to select a color for the background.

Additional Resources

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