Kirby Vandivort and Robert Brunner of the BioCoRE team gave an interactive poster demonstration at the HICS 2000 conference that was held in Beckman Institute April 30 - May 2. It is actually known as the 5th International Conference on Human Interaction With Complex Systems, and the current website for the conference is at: (link removed because the page has apparently been removed).

For the demonstration, we used a two-fold approach: We first described and demonstrated the various facets of BioCoRE, including the notebook, chat rooms, and monitoring tool, and then we showed the Interactive Molecular Dynamics project that the group is also working on. This required a fair amount of equipment. Luckily, the conference was just downstairs, so we were able to take a cart of equipment down and and here is a picture of the equipment that we took with us. You can click on any picture for a larger version.

We got everything set up and were ready to go about 15 minutes before people started showing up. The poster presentations were from 5:30 - 7:00pm on May 1. We had visitors start coming by around 5:00, though.

We had people visiting the booth most of the time we were there, and had some very interesting discussions with the visitors.

In all, we had probably 20 visitors watch our demonstration of BioCoRE and try out the Interactive Molecular Dynamics.

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