Old BioCoRE Local Server Evaluation Policy

Information on this page pertains to versions of the server released before July, 2005. For information on the evaluation policy associated with the current server release, see our regular evaluation page.

Evaluation is a vital component of BioCoRE. The BioCoRE collaboratory will reach its full potential only with the input of those it is meant to serve: working scientists involved in research and training. As an active member of the research community, your expertise, opinions, and patterns of use of BioCoRE are critical to the evaluation of BioCoRE effectiveness.

The information about BioCoRE usage will facilitate the evaluation of BioCoRE and its impact on doing science, thereby making BioCoRE a better work environment. Evaluation findings will be exclusively used to guide BioCoRE development and sustain a reliable and valid methodology. Evaluation results may be published, but no names or identifying information will be included in the publication(s). User identity will remain anonymous and confidential unless disclosure is required by law.

The security of BioCoRE data is of paramount importance to the BioCoRE team. Concrete steps have been taken in the design of the BioCoRE program infrastructure to maximize data security and user privacy.

The usage information collected includes:

  • User registration data
  • Project creation data
  • Use of tools and page "clicks"
  • Communication contents between BioCoRE members

All above data will be examined for communication patterns and types, frequency, and length of interactions only. Scientific meaning and significance of communications will be absolutely off limits. Contents of files stored in the BioFS and user password information is not sent back to the evaluation team.

If you work in a location that does not allow evaluation data collection as outlined above, please contact us and we will work with you to reach a solution that is mutually acceptable.

The evaluation information is sent to UIUC via a HTTPS secure connection. Most records are sent to UIUC in batch mode, approximately four times per day. Some events, however, send information back to UIUC as they occur.


The BioCoRE team welcomes any comments, questions, or suggestions that you might have concerning our software! Please email us or fill out our feedback form.

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